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St. Ann Catholic School
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St. Ann
Catholic School

St. Ann Cafeteria

Welcome to St. Ann's Lunch Cafeteria

St. Ann Cafeteria serves many children on a daily basis. You are invited to sign up to be a cafeteria volunteer. You can see your child(ren) and help our school by wiping cafeteria tables for approximately two hours. Unless there is a special class function (buddy breakfast, fun day, etc.) this is the only opportunity for parents to interact with the students during the school day.

Each shift is from 10:45 AM - 12:45 PM.  Please check-in at the front office  to sign-in and get your volunteer badge.  

St. Ann School lunch program is governed by federal (U.S. Department of Agriculture) and State Department of Education regulations, as well as policies that the local board of education deems necessary. The pre-approved monthly menu adheres to federal, state, and Archdiocesan guidelines. The items served are based on the majority of students’ eating habits.


Eraina Green
(504) 885-2450
19-20 Lunch Payment Estimator


 1 Student

 2 Student

 3 Students

1 Day

 $         3.00

 $         6.00

 $       9.00

1 Week

 $       15.00

 $      30.00

 $       45.00

2 Weeks

 $       30.00

 $       60.00

 $      90.00

1 Month

 $       60.00

 $     120.00

 $     180.00

2 Months

 $     120.00

 $     240.00

 $     360.00



Prices do not include tax.

Extra Items:  Water .50   Milk .75  Juice .75  

Cafeteria Low Account Balance

St. Ann School’s Cafeteria Manager will send home a printed low balance reminder when a student’s lunch account has a balance of $13.00 or less.

Parents will receive an emailed reminder when their student’s lunch balance is $6.00 or less.

Early morning phone calls will be made to parents when an account balance is less than $2.00. If you receive this early morning call, please know that your student does not have enough money to eat lunch on that day.

Please login at to make a payment online or send a check to school with your student. This payment must be made before lunch is served that day. Automated SchoolMessenger phone calls will begin in October.

In addition to these notices, parents can set up their own customized low balance alerts through their MySchoolBucks profile. You can choose to automatically fund your student’s account by scheduling automatic payments to start on a specific date and continue on a recurring basis. Or you can have payments made automatically when your student’s account falls below a specified amount.

Please email Ms. Eraina Green our Cafeteria Manager, at with any questions.

19-20 Student Lunch Schedule




10:25AM  - 11:05AM


10:45AM – 11:15AM


10:50AM – 11:20AM

1st Grade

11:05AM – 11:40AM


10:15AM – Lunch Delivered to PK Area 

5th Grade

11:15AM – 11:45AM

4th Grade

11:25AM – 11:55AM

3rd Grade

11:35AM – 12:05PM

2nd Grade

11:45AM – 12:15PM

6th & 7th Grade

11:55AM – 12:25PM

Click Here to Visit SignUpGenius

Each grade is assigned a selected month to volunteer in the cafeteria. Parents do not have to wait for respective month to sign-up.  

Feel free to sign-up at any time during the school year.

Click on the SignUpGenius icon to go to our Sign-Up Page.

19-20 Cafeteria Sign-Up Schedule - Parents are asked to volunteer to work one cafeteria shift per child each year. Each grade is assigned a specific month. Please click on the + sign to see schedule.

Please remember to sign-in at the front office and in the cafeteria.  The cafeteria sign-up sheet is located on the counter where the spray bottles and towels are located.  

For each shift worked, you are entered into a monthly $50.00 drawing.  You can work as many shifts as you'd like - we always need volunteers.  Please see our "Safe Environment" web page for requirements.  

Following is the 2019-20 School Year Volunteer Schedule.

Volunteer Month

Assigned Grade

August 2019

7th Grade

September 2019

3rd Grade

October 2019


November 2019

5th Grade

December 2019

4th Grade

January 2020

1st Grade

February 2020


March 2020

2nd Grade

April 2020


May 2020

6th Grade


Food from Home

School Food & Nutrition Services of New Orleans, Inc. provides a nutritious hot lunch option daily.  If students choose to bring lunch from home, that lunch should be balanced and nutritious.  Carbonated beverages cannot be brought into the dining area by students.  Students cannot bring restaurant/fast food branded containers and wrappers in the cafeteria.  Restaurant/fast food may be brought only in unmarked containers.  

Refunds/Rollover Balances

Students who are not returning to St. Ann School the following year, may request a refund through the Archdiocese Food and Nutrition Services Department.  

If your student is entering a school that is managed by the Archdiocese Food and Nutrition Services Department their account including funds will follow the student.

For more information please contact the Archdiocese Food Services website at - or "Click Here"

School Meal Modification - Special Diets/Food Allergies

Students with food allergies or special dietary needs must have the prescription for School Meal Modification thoroughly completed each year by a recognized medical professional.  "Click Here" to download and print form.

This form must be completed by your child's physician and returned to the Archdiocese of New Orleans  
1000 Howard Avenue, Suite 300  
New Orleans, LA 70113
FAX: (504) 596-3459
We must have an updated form each year.  If possible forms are due no later than October.  

We do NOT have an allergy free kitchen for food preperation.  

Cross-contamination IS a Risk.  



Click on the PlusPortal icon to see an instructional video using our ParentPlus Portal Interface.  Registered parents and/or guardians of St. Ann students have been sent a "PlusPortal Invite" via email.
Click on the PlusPortal icon to see an instructional video using our ParentPlus Portal Interface. Registered parents and/or guardians of St. Ann students have been sent a "PlusPortal Invite" via email.

Follow the link to make cafeteria lunch payments online.

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