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St. Ann Catholic School
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St. Ann
Catholic School

St. Ann Home & School Club

Welcome to the Home & School Club

Home & School meetings are held once a month on Mondays in the school cafeteria.  Each mother is encouraged to join the Home & School Club and become an active participant in their child's school experience.  The Home & School Club has many committe's that help enrich our school enviroment.  

Home & School Newsletters will be posted each month. 

For more information please email:



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2016-2017 Home & School Board Committee

St. Ann Home & School Club Board & Committee Chairmen



Shelly Nunes             

Wendy Cooper         



Stacey Waguespack 



Kristen Nugent           



Julie Krebs                 



Adopt an Angel

Kristine Sinon           

Richelle Hebert         


Box Tops

Janel Raymond         

Dionne Schlorff         


Catholic School Week

Courtney Fox            

Tammy Vaccaro                                                             


CCSCC(Council of Catholic School Co-Operative Clubs)

Kristen Nugent         


Charleston Wrap

Linzy Cotaya             

Chrystan Mancusso 


Children’s Bingo

Megan Anderson      

Bridgette Ricker Cabriac




Christmas Pageant Reception

Amy Giror                 

Jessica Misuraca       


Christmas Party 12/7

Executive Board


Christmas Social/Meeting

Susan Bailey              

Kristi Lazo                 


City Park Night

Erika Arguello           

Kaitlyn Lesage           


Communion Reception

First Grade Room Mothers


Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Jennifer LaMonte     

Susan Montufar       

Jill Robison                



Julie Dorazio             

Melanie Bienvenu    


Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week

Rebecca Burke          

Julie Krebs                 


Family Sunday

Dorothy Locascio     

Rebecca Cooper        

Royceann Fugler       


Girl Scouts

Angela Hunter          



Grandperson’s Day Tot/EC/PreK/K

Tammy Vaccaro        

Emily Canizaro          


Grandperson’s Day 1-4

Erin Daigle                 

Jessica Raines           


Grandperson’s Day Middle School

Shelley Foster           

Christine Frisby        


Ice Cream Social

Michele Paradise      

Karen Litolff              


Middle School Bonko 4-5th  

Stacy Hingle              

Susan Stouder          


Mothers Mass/Volunteers Thank You Breakfast

Kristen Nugent         



Sara Cooper              


Open House/Learning Fair

Courtney Fox            

Laura Demalas          

Tammy Vaccaro        


Pajama Night 2nd-3rd grade

Susan Bailey              

Jennifer LaMonte     






Parent Social

Krista Saunders        

Wendy Cooper         

Shelly Nunes             


Pelicans Night

Christy Dillard           

Shelly Nunes             


Refreshments and H & S Club Closet Upkeep

Megan Anderson      

Amy Finnegan           

Kristen Bodker          


Room Mothers

Stacie Falati              

Michele Paradise        


School Supplies

Kristen Ramsey         


6th and 7th Grade Function

Erin Schellhaas         

Tricia Gresse             


Santa Secret Shop

Jennifer Duhe            

Stephanie Blackburn

Christy Siverd           


Thanksgiving Baskets

Susan Bailey              

Jennifer Fradella       


World’s Finest Chocolate Sale

Susan Bailey              

Tessa Boyce              




7th Grade Closing

Kristine Sinon                                    

Richelle Hebert         



7th Grade T-shirts

Teresa Brown            

Melissa West            


Click on the Rediker icon to see an instructional video using our ParentPlus Portal Interface.  Registered parents and/or guardians of St. Ann students have been sent a "PlusPortal Invite" via email.
Click on the Rediker icon to see an instructional video using our ParentPlus Portal Interface. Registered parents and/or guardians of St. Ann students have been sent a "PlusPortal Invite" via email.
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