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St. Ann Catholic School
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St. Ann
Catholic School

Activity Classes


Computer instruction at St. Ann School offers our students exposure to a variety of academic based software programs that support our curriculum. Beginning in Early Childhood a systematic progression of skills allows students to participate in multimedia assignments. Academic games, Power Point Presentations, Microsoft Excel, and ageappropriate lessons on terminology, internet use and application of computer skills are designed to enrich academic and/or creative development. Classroom teachers and computer specialists work together to integrate the use of computers into the regular classroom curriculum. St. Ann School has full wireless capability to ensure and maximize technological opportunities for learning. Classrooms are equipped with whiteboards technology allowing for access to the world-wide web and interactive learning.

Physical Education

Our Physical Education program is designed to improve motor skills, encourage physical fitness, build self-esteem and foster a spirit of cooperation, teamwork and sportsmanship. Early Childhood through 2nd grade students are introduced to movement exploration, games and relays. Intermediate and Middle School students enjoy competing in sports such as basketball, floor hockey, flag football, volleyball and baseball. All students have opportunities to participate in a variety of activities ensuring enjoyment and success in their area of interest.

Music and Band

The St. Ann School Music and Band program serves all students in vocal and instrumental music. Through singing, listening, moving, creating, researching and reading music, students develop and refine their skills in the music concepts of duration, pitch, tone color, expression, design and cultural context. Students learn about composers and are introduced to a variety of musical instruments. Our third grade students learn to play the recorder. Our fourth through seventh grade students are encouraged to join the band. St. Ann School’s Music program plays an essential role in promoting our Catholic Identity. Choir and band perform at a variety of venues, including Celebration in the Oaks, a Spring concert, Christmas Pageant, family caroling and liturgies. 

Library Science

St. Ann School Library offers a leveled age-appropriate program which focuses on various library and technology skills, literature, bibliographic citations, and document preparation. Students are provided with a balanced library collection which supports students in becoming lifelong readers. Valuable resources support an environment favorable to learning and personal growth. Students gain crucial quality research and technology skills as they utilize valuable resources in the library and Media Center. A variety of resources and skills enable students to access, evaluate, comprehend and apply information, promoting higher order thinking skills across the curriculum. The development of student literacy connects students to quality literature through library incentive programs, story times, book fairs, author visits, and guest speakers. The Reading Counts software is used to assess student reading levels and to suggest appropriate reading materials.

Foreign Language

Grades K-7 are introduced to the culture and language of the Spanish speaking world. Classroom strategies and activities in our foreign language department focus on vocabulary, dialect, conversation, real-world applications and prayer which promotes our Catholic Identity. Age-appropriate experiences, meaningful communication, a solid base of pronunciation and study exercises, writing, role-playing, song, prayer and games encourage learning through active participation.


Middle School students are introduced to various components of a healthy life style. Topics including bullying, physical fitness & nutrition, personal safety & first aid, alcohol & tobacco, and consumer & environmental health prepare students for healthy life choices. Age appropriate lessons empower students as they engage in activities focusing on decision making and overcoming peer pressure. 

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