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St. Ann Catholic School
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St. Ann
Catholic School

Parent Center

School Hours

The day begins at 8:35am and ends at 3:15pm.  

Children who arrive before 8:05am or remain after 3:30pm will report to Extended Care.

Students are not allowed to return to their classrooms for forgotten school items. This includes students who remain for aftercare.


An excuse note is required whenever a student is absent.  The note must contain:

a) date(s) of absence,

b) cause of absence,

c) date of return to school,

d) signature of parent or guardian.

The note should be given to the homeroom teacher immediately on the day the child returns to school.

Parents are responsible for picking up the books between 3:00pm - 3:45pm.


School Uniform Information



The school uniform represents the school and the ideals it upholds. It should be worn with pride. All students, without exception, are expected to comply with the uniform regulation every day of the school year.  Uniforms are not to be oversized or undersized. They are to fit the child (e.g., skirts and pants are to be worn at the waistline, shirt/blouses are to fit the shoulders and be long enough to be completely tucked in at the
waistband).   Skirt length should be no longer than 2" below the knee and no shorter than the top of the knee cap.  The back skirt length must also be adjusted to suit these requirements. The pants should be at the top of the heel. Keep in mind the rapid growth of children, and the resultant adjustments or replacement of uniforms that may be required throughout the year. Shorts worn under skirts should not be seen below the skirt hem.


Uniform consists of:

GIRLS:   Grey/cranberry skirt (bibs worn in grades K-3), white blouse with rounded collar (monogrammed initials optional), solid white socks which may include sport socks that  must be visible above the shoe line, and gray cardigan sweater or St. Ann sweatshirt. In cold weather, girls may wear solid white, navy, grey, flesh colored, or black tights or tight-fitting leggings which completely cover the entire leg (no skin showing) under their skirts with uniform socks. Only solid white short sleeve undergarments are to be worn under the school blouse.


BOYS:   “Khaki” gray pants, solid white polo shirt (no logos), solid white socks which may include sport socks that  mustbe visible above the shoe line, black leather belt, and gray cardigan sweater or St. Ann sweatshirt. Boys may wear pleated gray twill uniform walking shorts (not cut off long pants). These shorts are optional and may be worn in place of the long pants throughout the school year.  Only solid white short sleeve undershirts are to be worn under the school shirt.


SHOES:Kindergarten girls wear black or navy Mary Jane velcro shoes. Kindergarten boys wear solid black or navy velcro sport/tennis shoe (no high tops). Shoes for boys and girls in grades 1-7 are a solid black or solid navy blue leather tie upper with a minimum of four pairs of eyelets (upper lace - matching color) with a non-scuff black or navy blue soft rubber side, sole, and heel. Only solid black or navy blue smooth leather (no suede, mesh, kid or patent leather) athletic shoes are acceptable as uniform shoes. No Velcro, buckles, leather laces, defined heels, high tops, mid tops, and no other type of tennis/athletic shoe is acceptable as a shoe to be worn during school. It is understood that worn/torn uniforms and shoes should be replaced as warranted.  

Proper uniform (including shoes) is required until the last day of school.

OUTER WEAR:  The St. Ann screened SWEATSHIRT and the gray cardigan sweater are part of the OFFICIAL UNIFORM. The sweatshirt or sweater must have the child’s name indelibly written in the inside collar.  It is acceptable and suggested to have the sweater and/or sweatshirt monogrammed. No other writing should appear on the outside of these garments. Rips and tears must be repaired right away. Every child should own a sweatshirt or sweater to wear on cool/cold days. Only the sweatshirt or sweater may be worn in the classrooms when the students feel the need to wear an over garment. NO OTHER SWEATSHIRT or SWEATER will be allowed.

On particularly cold days, additional outer garments should be worn over, not in place of, the official St. Ann sweatshirt or sweater.  This includes sport team or cheerleader windbreakers.

The middle school students have the option of purchasing a middle school fleece jacket or sweatshirt from Schiro’s School Time.

School uniforms may be purchased at:

Schumacher’s  Uniforms                                               School Time Uniforms

3601 Hessmer                                                               5008 W. Esplanade

(504) 454-0427                                                              (504) 885-2993                                                                     

Safety Drills

Fire, lockdown, and tornado drills are held periodically throughout the year to prepare for such emergencies.  In the event of a lockdown drill we will make sure parents are aware so they can discuss it with their children at home.

Emergency Procedures

The closing and opening of the school is determined by the Archdiocese of New Orleans Office of Catholic Schools.  This decision is not made on a school or church parish level.  Employees, parents and parishioners should monitor local media sources for information regarding the re-opening of school, church, etc.  Check the Archdiocese website at and watch Channel 4 or listen to WWL (870 AM) on the radio. 

St. Ann School parents will be notified en mass via School Messenger to the number provided on your child’s Emergency Card on file at the school office.

Medication Policy including Distribution

A St. Ann School - Physician's Statement must accompany the medication whether it is a presciption or non-prescription.  

Click Here - Medical Forms for PK3-7th Grade Students

Click Here - Medical Forms for PK2 Students

Distribution of Medicine

   St. Ann School endeavors to the full extent of its capability to provide a quality education for your child.  At the same time, St. Ann School does not have the capability to perform medical services that your child may need.  The school does not assume the role of health-care provider in diagnosing or treating its students; nor do the personnel (including principal, faculty and staff) have experience, knowledge or expertise in providing emergency medical treatment that may be necessary for any student, including but not limited to-and by way of example only-any treatment for allergic or diabetic conditions, or heart or seizure conditions.  The school will take reasonable steps in a medical emergency to care for a student. In specific circumstances in which a student needs to self-medicate or requires assistance with medication, the school may be unable to accommodate the medical needs of their child/student. In the event such assistance is needed , this matter should be discussed directly with the school principal in order to determine what steps can be taken in regard to providing the student with medical assistance.  Those circumstances in which the student needs to self-medicate or needs other medical assistance must be discussed directly with the school principal.

Medicine Policy

Note: If possible, parents are advised to give medication at home and on a schedule other than during school hours. If it is necessary that a medication be given during school hours, the following procedure must be followed. It is the policy of St. Ann School that all medication, prescription or non-prescription, must be kept in the school office and will be dispensed only by the school personnel.

  1. Please let the teacher know if your child is taking any medication that might affect his/her behavior in school.
  2. No medication (prescription or nonprescription) will be on a student’s person at any time. Parents will be responsible for personally delivering medication to the office.  All medication will be stored for the student and delivered to the student at the request of the parent(s).
  3. Schools will not provide any medication.
  4. School personnel will not administer any injections.






Parents may not go directly to the classroom to talk with the teachers during school time or at dismissal. Everyone entering the school building during school hours must first report to the school office and give the reason for their visit, sign their name in the visitor/volunteer book, and receive a visitor’s pass. This includes parents who are on the grounds working on Home and School/Fair/Men’s Club committee assignments.

Archdiocesan Policy requires that room mothers and all school volunteers have a signed Abuse and Neglect Policy form on file.

We welcome volunteers, including those in the cafeteria during lunch time, but visitors may not sit and/or eat lunch with the students in the cafeteria.

St. Ann School is a smoke free environment.

Lost & Found

Lost and found articles such as jackets, shoes, bookbags are kept in the front of the cafeteria.  Smaller items such as eyeglasses, keys and jewelry are kept in the front office.  Front Office lost and found email

We cannot hold items indefinitely, items not claimed within a reasonable amount of time, will be sent to a charitable cause.



Dress Down Day - General Information

For dress down days, the students may wear full length blue jeans (no holes, rips), St. Ann middle school maroon PE shorts, or pants (no sweatpants, capris, or other shorts). Plain

T-shirts of appropriate length and size or those with acceptable logos are to be worn. Only tennis/athletic type shoes may be worn (no topsiders).  For all dress down occasions, students must wear the stated acceptable attire, or their full school uniform.  The only exception would be for 7th grade.  They can wear their 7th grade t-shirt with the uniform pant or skirt.

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