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Clubs and Activities

St. Ann offers a variety of clubs and organizations.  The purposes of our clubs and activities is to provide students with an opportunity to develop positive interests and activities and to serve the school and the community. 

Specific meeting times and dates will be made available at the beginning of each school year.  Space is limited in most clubs so it's important to return your completed Club/Activity Registration Form to the club moderator as soon as possible.  



Art Club - Open to all 4th & 5th Graders

Students will create fun art projects throughout the school year using a variety of art mediums. 

Art Students meet once a month after school. 

Club Fee: $20.00


Band - Open to 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Graders

All band students come to band practice twice a week during their Activity period. 

In addition, 4th grade students also come once a week after school until 4:15pm, and  5th, 6th & 7th grade students meet at 8:00am two mornings a week. 

You are asked to make a commitment for the entire school year. 

Student fee is $200.00 plus the cost of your instrument.  Student fees are used to cover instructional materials, district event fees, treats & awards.  (A minimum payment of $100.00 is due at registration.)  

Builders Club - Open to 6th & 7th Graders

Builders Club members will provide service to the school and community through various projects and activities.  

St. Ann Builders Club is funded by a grant from the Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation Service Learning Program.  

Meetings will take place after school each month.  Dates may fluctuate depending on the service activity for that month. 

Cost: $25.00

Beta Club Junior - Open to 6th & 7th Graders (by invitation)

Junior Beta Club members are selected to membership based on their grade point average which must be a minimum of 3.5 final academic average during their 5th grade year.  

Students must have a commitment to service and must provide an essay (150-200 words) to describe how the St. Ann Junior Beta Club will benefit from having you as a member.  

Membership Fee: $22.00  

This includes a Junior Member Club Membership fee (as established by the national organization of $15.00) plus $7.00 that will be used to fund service projects.

Membership includes a certificate of membership, a membership card, pin, and the Junior Beta Club Journal each month.

Members are required to attend monthly meetings after school, work a two-hour shift at the fair, attend the Induction ceremony in January, and support service activities after school.



Chess Club - Open to 3rd, 4th, 5th 6th & 7th Graders

Beginners will be taught the fundamentals of Chess. For our more advanced players they will be given insight and tips to further progress their game.  Students are paired by skill level in order to provide a challenging and fun atmosphere.

Chess club meets once a month after school.

Cost: $3.00


Choir - Open to 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Graders

Rehearsals are Wednesday mornings from 7:45-8:30am, and Thursdays afternoons - once a month.

Activities include singing as a group at all school Masses throughout the year, Cantoring at school Masses (by audition), Christmas Caroling at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, Celebration in the Oaks, First Communion.  We will also sing at the Christmas and Spring Concerts at St. Ann School.

Member fees are about $40.00.  Fees will cover the cost of music, performances, supplies, transportation throughout the year and a choir vest monogrammed with the St. Ann Choir Logo.


Junior Service Club - Open to 5th Graders

Junior Service Club members will meet once a month to assist teachers in completing task with which they need help.  

Cost $3.00 which will be used for an end of the year pizza party.

Lego Club - Open to 4th through 7th Graders

Students are encourage to explore and build using Lego blocks.  Each month will have a different "Theme" and student's creations will be named and displayed in our library for the entire month.  

The Lego Club meets once a month.

Cost: $5.00

Mary's Club - Open to 3rd & 4th Grade Girls

Mary's Club members support one another in being faithful to Mary through various activities and projects.  Mary's Club girls help spread devotion to others.

Members will meet once a month.

Cost: $3.00

Office Helpers - Open to 7th Graders (by Teacher Selection)

Students will assist in the front office.  Duties include Afternoon Announcements, Calling classrooms with dismissal changes.  Student must be able to commit to two quarters either 1,3 or 2,4.  

Morning Duty  8:05am-8:35am

Afternoon Duty 3:05pm-3:35pm

All Office helpers are treated to a end-of-the-year swim/pizza party hosted at Lakeside Country Club.  

Patrols - Open to 5th, 6th & 7th Graders


Students will assist with either a morning or an afternoon shift.  Duties include helping students and parents in carpool line.  

Morning Duty - 8:05am until 8:35am

Afternoon Duty - 3:05pm until 3:35pm

Students can request either a Morning or Afternoon shift.  Students must be able to commit to volunteer one quarter (9 weeks).  

All Patrol helpers are treated to a end-of-the-year swim/pizza party hosted at Lakeside Country Club.  

Quiz Bowl - Open to 6th & 7th Graders

Student's must try-out to be on the team.  

Team members will practice once a week, after school. The St. Ann Quiz Bowl Team participates in a tournament on a Saturday during the spring and that is sponsored by the Brother Martin High School.  This tournament is our big event and your commitment to the team is very important.  

Science Club - Open to 3rd Grade

In Science Club 3rd graders will have the chance to participate in hands-on, fun activities and experiments. Meetings are held once a month.  Each meeting will focus on a different area of science and explore why different results happen.

Cost: $8.00

Spanish Club - Open to 3rd & 4th Graders

Spanish Club members will participate in various activities such as; Zumba, games, crafts, Spanish Culture and an end of the year pizza party.

Meetings are held once a month, after school.   Snacks are served at meetings.

Cost $8.00 which will cover the cost of crafts and an end of the year pizza party.

Spirit Club - Open to 4th Grade Girls

During Spirit Club students will learn cheer and dance skills as well as learn new routines.  The girls will have the oppurtunity to lead the warm-up for the Fun Run at this year's Family Fest.  The girls will receive a t-shirt to wear during the warm-up and club meetings with their PE shorts.

Meetings will take place one a month after school from 3:35 to 4:00PM.  

Cost: $15.00

St. Joseph's Club - Open to 3rd & 4th Grade Boys

St. Joseph's Club members help spread the devotion to St. Joseph and Mary.

The purpose of this club is the spiritual, practical Catholic growth of youth while having good, clean fun through various projects and activities.  

Meetings are held monthly, after school.

Cost $3.00 

Student Council - Open to 5th, 6th & 7th Graders (by Student Election)

Student Council serves as the governing student body for St. Ann School.  Middle school students are elected by their fellow classmates.  The Student council committee is comprised of two representatives for each homeroom, an elected 7th grade President and 7th grade Vice-President.

St. Ann Student Council is responsible for assisting with Middle School Grandperson's Day/Mass, working the St. Ann Open House, and presenting an introduction to Middle School for the lower grades.  Council members also represent St. Ann at the Catholic Schools Week Mass, and they help decorate a Christmas tree to represent our school at the annual Celebration in the Oaks Christmas display.

 Meetings are held once a month, on campus after school.

Technology Club - Open to 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Graders

Technology Club members will be given an opportunity to participate in the movement, which helps elementary-aged students learn the fundamentals of computer programing through fun interactive games. Students will given a brief introduction to "Blocky" the language of computer programing and then they will get to have fun programming their very own game.  At each meeting, students continue to build on their code.

Meetings are held once a month, after school.

Cost $3.00 which will cover the cost of materials.

Scout Information

Girls and Scout troops are not managed by St. Ann School staff but we encourage our students to participate.  

For more information please follow the links.

Boy Scout

Girl Scout

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